Indoor Air Quality is of utmost importance, especially now as indoor spaces continue to reopen.  Perhaps the most basic component of IAQ, and the easiest to implement is filtration.  We have been recommending an upgrade to MERV13 filters as part of your building’s reopening strategy and Governor Cuomo has recently echoed that same recommendation. 

Below are excerpts from some of Governor Cuomo’s recent COVID-19 press briefings:

“The state recommends for all businesses and offices that they explore the potential for their air conditioning / air filtration system: adding a filter that can filter out the COVID virus.” (June 29) 

“What we’re saying is the best filter we would like to see installed is what’s called a MERV13.  It goes to the density of the filter and what it can actually filter out.  MERV13 filters out the COVID virus.” (July 8)

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