As a family owned and operated business, our work family is our number one priority. Their health and safety are priority. Additionally, we feel a social responsibility to do everything in our power to slow the spread of Covid-19. To that end, we have empowered our staff to work remotely. They have full access to their office computers and our phone system. You can reach any one of us in the same manner as always.

Service Department: 516-431-0900 ext. 2

     Our Field Technicians are working and have been provided with all the CDC guidelines to protect themselves and those they encounter.

     As we move forward into this new landscape, we want to let you know we have provided our technicians and all field personnel with the education and instructions provided by the CDC on how best to protect themselves and protect those they come in contact with, ie: Social Distancing, Frequent and Proper Handwashing, use of Hand Sanitizers

Our mission is still to provide you with services as you need them.

Be safe and stay healthy,

Mike Star, Lane Associates President