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Lane Associates serves the greater New York City metro area, including the following counties in New York and New Jersey:

New York City (5 Boroughs) (NY)
Nassau County (NY)
Suffolk County (NY)
Westchester County (NY)
Rockland County (NY)
Bergen County (NJ)
Hudson County (NJ)
Essex County (NJ)
Passaic County (NJ)
Morris County (NJ)
Union County (NJ)
Somerset County (NJ)
Middlesex County (NJ)
Monmouth County (NJ)

Current News

Ventilation vs COVID19

Ventilation vs COVID19

Fresh Air Ventilation's Critical Role vs COVID19 Enhancing Indoor Air Quality within buildings has been recommended by ASHRAE and government agencies as an effective method to combat COVID19 within occupied indoor spaces. The two easiest ways to accomplish this are...

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Gov Cuomo Recommends MERV13 Filter Upgrade

Gov Cuomo Recommends MERV13 Filter Upgrade

Indoor Air Quality is of utmost importance, especially now as indoor spaces continue to reopen.  Perhaps the most basic component of IAQ, and the easiest to implement is filtration.  We have been recommending an upgrade to MERV13 filters as part of your building's...

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